Indoor & outdoor installation Constant Temperature Control with digital display Digital Key-pad temperature setting on remote Automatic self-diagnostic codes Microprocessor controlled Variable Burners Compact size unit Weatherproof exterior with auto-defrosting Hot water on demand.

The fan-forced gas geyser is a multiple-use application water heater that uses Smart Gas Technology to service many outlets at one time. This geyser is one of the safest and most efficient gas water heaters on the market. Constructed out of high-quality components and equipped with many unique features.

Suitable Uses: Normal Domestic House’s, Hotel’s, B&B’s, Flats, Townhouses, Game Parks Lodges & Commercial hot water requirements. It requires an electrical point. Operates with LP Gas. It is energy efficient with no holding tank. LPGSA, SANS and SABS Certified unit

  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint.
  • Replace your electric Geyser with an Atlas Instant L P G Water Heater & Save on Energy costs.
  • Economical Hot Water. Energy efficient, Water is only heated when required.
  • Geyser must be installed by a qualified gas installer, or the warranty will not be valid (to find a qualified gas installer.
  • Prices do not include installation.
  • 1-year warranty.

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The Atlas 20 litre fan forced gas geyser is suitable for in- and outdoor installations.

It comes standard with a constant temperature control digital display.

It has a digital key-pad temperature setting on remote automatic self-diagnostic codes.

The microprocessor controlled variable burners.

It is a compact sized unit and is weatherproof exteriorly with auto-defrosting.

It operates on 0.1 bar low starting water pressure.

It has an electronic pulse ignition that ensures fast and stable ignition.

It requires an electrical point.

Operates with LP Gas.

Gas consumption-2,85

Output (Kw) 40

Geyser must be installed by a qualified gas installer, or the warranty will not be valid.

Prices do not include installation.

Remember the following:

Register your appliance with the manufacturer after your installation.

Inform your insurance company that you have installed a gas appliance – they could ask for a copy of your LP Gas COC.

Should you sell your house – no house will be transferred to a new owner without a copy of a valid LP Gas COC.


Product Dimensions: 570 x 365 x 145 mm.

Weight: 18,0Kg.

Packaged Dimensions: 735mm x 425mm x 215mm.

Weight: 20Kg.

What’s in the box:

1 x Atlas Gas Geyser 20L fan forced geyser.

Why buy a gas geyser?

Cost saving – Your electricity bill will be lower once you switch over to a gas geyser.

Reliable – Your gas geyser is non-reliant on electricity, which means you will still have hot water, even when the power goes off. If you choose a battery supplied gas geyser. All fan -forced gas geyser require a main supply. • Easy to repair – Gas geysers

Friendlier to the environment – A gas geyser will reduce your carbon footprint.

Easy to move off the grid – Once you have a gas geyser installed, it will be easier to add other gas appliances, braais or a fireplace to your home as you already have the gas cylinders and basic pipe system installed.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 735 × 425 × 215 mm

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