The Totai Battery Ignition Gas Geyser – 5L is a fantastic solution for off-grid living or simply to save on water heating costs. These high-quality tankless water heaters heat water directly without the use of a storage tank. When a hot water tap is turned-on, cold-water travels through a pipe into the unit where a gas burner heats the water. As a result, tankless water heaters deliver a constant supply of hot water. Even though the tankless water heater output may be limited to its flow rate, modern units are very efficient so you don’t need to wait for a storage tank to fill up with enough hot water, making it instantaneous.

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5 Litres of hot water per minute

Suitable for one basin

Includes flu pipe

Type D outdoor installation

Included LED display

All gas water heaters must be installed by a certified gas installer


Gravity fed or mains water pressure: Operating pressure 2,8kPa.

Requires a minimum water pressure of 25 kPa (e.g. from a gravity fed water tank on an elevated stand 2,5m above the water outlet).

Heat input: 43,2Mj/h

Gas Consumption: 0,92 Kg/h.

Also suitable for use with a municipal mains water supply (typically 200-400 kPa).

Supplies 5 litres of hot water per minute (maximum hot water temperature is 250˚ C above the cold-water temperature.

Suitable for one outlet (e.g kitchen sink or hand basin)

LP Gas only (not for use with Natural Gas)

Includes Flue pipe


Product Weight: 5.6Kg

Product Dimensions: 560mm(L) × 200mm(W) x 355mm(H)

Shipping Weight: 9,0Kg

Shipping Dimensions: 580mm × 210mm(W) × 375mm(H)

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 580 × 210 × 375 mm

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