It’s like having a personal butler who heats water just for you, without having to tip. It’s easy to install, low maintenance, and eco-friendly and, offers a convenient and efficient way to heat water, providing hot water on demand without needing a large storage tank.

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Indoor & outdoor installation

Battery ignited

Operates on LP Gas

Temperature Control with digital display

Compact size unit

Low starting Water Pressure

High energy efficiency with no holding tank

LPGSA, SANS & SABS Certified unit

1 year warranty

Geyser must be installed by a qualified gas installer or the warranty will not be valid (to find a qualified gas

Technical Data

Type of Gas: LPG.

Operating Pressure: 2.28 kPa.

Suitable Pressure: 0.25 – 5.05kPa.

Heat Load: 32kW.

Gas Consumption: 2.6kg/hr.

Power Supply: 2 x Type D Batteries (Not Included).

Flue Size: 110mm.

Product type: Class B indoor installation (Can be installed outdoors but must be flued).

installer in your area, visit ‘Installations’ on our Home page).

Prices do not include installation.’

Dimensions: 65cm(L) x 21cm(W) x 40cm(H)

Product Weight: 10,92

Shipping Weight   12.1 kg

Shipping Dimensions: 78cm(L) × 23 cm(W) × 46cm(H)

Remember the following: Register your appliance with the manufacturer after your installation. Inform your insurance company that you have installed a gas appliance – they could ask for a copy of your LP Gas COC. Should you sell your house – no house will be transferred to a new owner without a copy of a valid LP Gas COC.


Additional information

Weight 12,1 kg
Dimensions 780 × 230 × 460 mm

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