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The modern-looking minimalistic design will fit right into your kitchen and add some style. The sleek OLED touch-screen makes knobs and buttons a thing of the past and simplifies cleaning the controls. Enjoy delicious low-fat food by using less oil and a smoke-free cooking experience with the Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer.

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For a very reasonable price, Xiaomi offers a new version of its hot air fryer in a family format. Overall, the Smart Air Fryer 6.5L gives satisfaction with foods that retain their tenderness after cooking and quite interesting versatility.

♨HIGH-TEMPERATURE DEGREASE FEATURE: Enjoy healthy, low-fat and authentic flavours. Excess fat and oil can be effectively filtered with the degrease feature, degreasing efficiency up to 196%; Even in crispy grill mode, fat and oil can be reduced by up to 88.3%.

♨KEEP DISHES WARM AUTOMATICALLY: Maintain taste until the food is out of the basket. After cooking, the machine automatically enters a 30-minute warming mode to keep food in the basket crisp and tender as if it were just cooked.

♨NTC PRECISE TEMPERATURE CONTROL, WITH AN ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE RANGE OF 40–220°C: Built-in NTC smart temperature control technology precisely monitors the temperature during the cooking process to avoid charring and undercooking. With a minimum temperature of 40°C, it can maintain a constant temperature for defrosting, fermentation and fruit drying. With a maximum temperature of 220°C, it is proficient in roasting, frying and baking.

♨220°C HIGH-TEMPERATURE BAKING: Efficient, quick and delicious with a maximum temperature of 220°C, you can lock in juices and ensure a crispy outer layer while reducing cooking time by 33% compared to temperature of 180°C, improving efficiency, speed and flavour.

♨EASIER SMART CONTROL: Accessing the Mi Home app/Xiaomi Home app makes smartphone control simpler. Smart scheduling up to 24 hours in advance, 100 one-touch cloud recipes and more.

♨LARGE 6.5L CAPACITY TO LET FAMILY AND FRIENDS GATHER AROUND: Its extra-large capacity makes it easy to roast a whole chicken. Whether it’s a family gathering or a friend’s party, you can handle it with ease.

♨DUAL-LAYER PTFE WATER-BASED NON-STICK COATING: Effortless post-meal cleaning. The food grade non-stick coating is wear-resistant and easy to clean with one rinse, saving you time and easing your safety concerns.

♨AUTOMATIC PAUSE WHEN THE BASKET IS REMOVED: Adding ingredients while cooking is simple and worry-free.

♨PROTECTIVE GRILL: The heating element area is isolated to prevent accidental burns.

♨REAR COOLING VENT: Fast cooling for longer lifespan.

♨COUPLED WITH AN EXCLUSIVE GRILL: Double-layer baking for an increased capacity.


ℹ️ Mobile App Control.

ℹ️ OLED Touch Screen.

ℹ️ Adjustable Temps up to 220°C.

ℹ️ Smart Control with 24-hour Scheduling.


🌡️ Air Frying Mode.

🌡️ Baking Mode.

🌡️ Yoghurt Maker Mode.

🌡️ Dried Fruit Mode.

🌡️Defrosting Mode.

🌡️ Fermentation Mode.

ℹ️ Sleek and Modern Design.


Rated voltage: 220V–240V

Rated frequency: 50Hz – 60Hz

Rated power: 1800W

Rated capacity: 6.5L

Wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

Colour: White

DIMENSIONS: ⚖️Single basket inner diameter: 22.6 x 22.6 x 13.5 cm

Product Dimensions: 38.9 x 28.7 x 31.7 cm

⚖️Product Net Weight: 5400g

⚖️Product Gross Weight: 6500g


Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer 6.5L x1. Flying Plate x1. Grill x1. User Manual x1


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Dimensions 42 × 32 × 35 mm

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