The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop X10+


The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop X10+ is an extraordinarily automated cleaning solution for your home. It features an S-Cross AI Advanced 3D obstacle recognition and avoidance system with LDS navigation. The X10+ also comes with a fully smart All-in-one Station so that you can keep mopping without any interruptions.

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop X10+ features an S-Cross AI Advanced 3D obstacle recognition and avoidance sensor system with high-level sensor precision that supports object and environment identification, controlled cleaning motion and stable obstacle avoidance. The Advanced AI camera uses an AI graphics algorithm to identify various obstacles on the floor and in rooms around the home. Flexible planning of avoidance paths and cleaning sequences, for smart home cleaning without manual intervention.

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The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop X10+ also comes with a fully automatic smart all-in-one station that supports multi-dimensional functions such as auto dust collection, pad washing, hot drying and water refilling. The dust collection frequency and mop cleaning modes can also be set for completely hands-free use. The strong water flow blasts the cleaning tray and quickly soaks the pads, rotating and scraping at high speed to remove stains before automatic spin-drying, for hands-free spotless cleaning.


With the high-powered fan and dual air duct dust collection design, the dustbin is emptied in no time. The built-in 2.5L dust bag holds about 60 binloads of dust before needing to be emptied. Once the pads have been washed, the minimum 2-hour hot drying time guarantees damp-free, odour-free freshness. The all-in-one station refills the robot vacuum’s water tank, maintaining pad moisture. Its auto-refill feature ensures consistent moisture levels for removing stubborn stains and deeply clean floors.


The new S-Mopping assistant™ links the all-in-one station to the robot vacuum so that when the sensor detects that the level in the clean water tank is low, water is intelligently distributed to ensure uninterrupted mopping. Dust collection frequency and mop cleaning modes can also be set in the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app.



High Power Robot Vacuum and All-in-One-Station Combo

4000Pa super suction

Dual rotating mop pads for deeper cleaning

Advanced carpet detection and auto-lifting mop pads

5200mAh battery capacity

Up to 2 hours of battery life

Automatic self-cleaning, self-emptying, pad washing, dust collection, hot air drying, and water refilling

2.5L dust bag



Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop X10+

Navigation System: LDS

Obstacle avoidance: AI + 3D obstacle avoidance

Mopping: Dual mopping

Auto Mop Washing: Yes

Auto Water Refilling: Yes

Auto Dust Emptying: Yes

Auto-lifting Mop Pads: Yes

Hot Air Drying: Yes


Battery Capacity: 5200mAh

Suction Power: 4000Pa

Dust box Capacity of Sweeper: 350mL

Water tank capacity of sweeper: 80mL

Fresh/Dirty Water Tank: 2.5L /2.5L

Disposable Dust Bag: 2.5L

Product Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 9.7cm

Product Weight: 3800g

All-in-one Station

Rated input: 220–240V ~ 50/60Hz.

Rated output: 20V ⎓ 2A.

Dust collection power: 1000W

Drying + Charging power: 90W

Cleaning power: 55W

Water resistance rating: IPX1

Product Dimensions: 42.3 x 34 x 56.8 cm

Product Weight: 8.3kg


Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop X10+ x1

All-in-one Station x1

Main Brush (Installed) x1

Brush Cover (Installed) x1

Dustbin (Installed) x1

Pads (Installed) x2

Dust Bag (Replacement) x1

Pad Plates x2

Side Brush x1

Cleaning Tool x1

User Manual x1

Additional information

Weight 3,8 kg
Dimensions 360 × 360 × 100 mm

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