TYPHOON 14L Constant Temperature Gas Geyser


Constant temperature gas geysers allow you to set your water at an exact temperature. They are very similar to standard gas geysers, but they have a keypad where you can set your water temperature.

Applications: Full bathroom- Suitable for 2x hot taps (1x shower + 1x kitchen sink) at the same time on 3bar water pressure (depending on distances involved).

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Flame Failure device

Geyser can be programmed for water temperature required

Copper Heat Exchanger: better temperature reach & more durable.

Flow sensors automatically ensure that gas burners increase/decrease the flame size according to the volume of water being required

Copper Heat Exchanger: better temperature reach & more durable

Uses LP Gas

12kw output


Geyser must be fitted with a 110mm Flue Pipe & Cowl (Chinese Hat)

If geyser is positioned where it will be rained on, it will need a weather cover

Economical and energy efficient hot water

Water is only heated when required

Requires 2 x D cell for ignition

LPGSA Certified – 1-year Factory warranty

Installation: Gas geysers may only be installed by certified installers.

Each installation must be accompanied by a gas certificate of conformity.

Your installer will advise on the relevant flue and cowl combination required for the installation location.


Dimensions: 72cm(L) x 21cm(W) x 40cm(H),

Product Weight: 12,08

Shipping Weight   15,97kg,

Shipping Dimensions: 76,5cm(L) × 24cm(W) × 43,5cm(H)


Constant temperature geyser works much better with mixers taps.

Use the correct size regulator.

Use correct size gas piping sans10087-1

It is highly recommended that you install a weather box for wind/rain purposes and it will prolong the life span of the geyser.

Additional information

Weight 15,97 kg
Dimensions 72 × 21 × 40 mm

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