Rambler Mosquito Coil Holder


Enhance your outdoor camping experience with the Coghlan’s Mosquito Coil Holder, an essential tool for repelling those pesky bugs. Designed for convenience and ease, this holder provides a simple and effective way to burn mosquito coils during your travels.

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Featuring a sturdy glass fiber mesh, it securely holds the coils in place, allowing them to burn evenly and completely. Say goodbye to annoying mosquitoes and enjoy uninterrupted outdoor moments.

Versatility is key, as this holder can be hung or laid flat depending on your preference. It provides the flexibility to adapt to various camping setups, ensuring optimal functionality in any situation.

Worried about the mess? Fear not! The Rambler Mosquito Coil Holder is designed to contain the ashes, keeping them securely inside and minimizing cleanup efforts.

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your outdoor adventures. Equip yourself with the Rambler Mosquito Coil Holder and create a mosquito-free zone wherever you go. Enjoy the great outdoors without the constant buzzing and biting and savor every moment of your camping journey.

One coil covers up to 0,40m.


Product Dimensions:70mm x 62mm x 35mm

Product Weight:0,030Kg

Shipping Dimension:75mm x 67mm x 40mm

Shipping Weight:0,040Kg

Additional information

Weight 0,040 kg
Dimensions 75 × 67 × 40 mm

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