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Embark on a culinary journey without a worry, and let your kitchen resonate with the delightful aroma of your creations. Our range of extractor hoods stands as your loyal companion, ensuring a fresh and inviting kitchen atmosphere.

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💠 A BREATH OF FRESH AIR: Savour Every Moment: Lofra hoods are crafted to effortlessly extract and eliminate fumes and vapours that arise during your cooking adventures. Say goodbye to unwanted odours, and relish every culinary experience.

 💠 A SYMPHONY OF FUNCTIONALITY: Purification Perfected: The heart of our hoods lies in their ingenious design. The powerful tangential motor collaborates with activated carbon filters, guiding cooking by-products through a journey of purification. Metal grease filters lend an extra layer of refinement, ensuring the air is cleansed to perfection.

Flawless Craftsmanship: The marriage of stainless steel and glass not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also embodies a commitment to functionality. Brushed stainless steel finishing adds a touch of sophistication that seamlessly complements your kitchen ensemble.

💠 PERFORMANCE AND CONTROL UNLEASHED: ENGINEERED EXCELLENCE: With a tangential motor that boasts up to 800m3/h capacity, our hoods demonstrate unparalleled performance, keeping your kitchen environment pristine.

CUSTOMISED COMFORT: Choose from up to 4 extraction speeds, granting you the freedom to tailor your cooking experience to perfection. An included remote control empowers you to orchestrate culinary symphonies effortlessly.

💠 ELEGANCE MEETS PRACTICALITY: Seamless Integration: Our hoods are not just functional marvels; they are designed to be an elegant extension of your kitchen décor. Available in a spectrum of colours, their versatile charm effortlessly harmonizes with your existing appliances.

💠 EASE OF MAINTENANCE: Simplicity Redefined: When the culinary festivities are over, maintaining your hood is a breeze. Removable and washable metal grease filters ensure effortless upkeep, and their dishwasher-safe nature makes cleaning a simple task.


✅Finish: AISI 430 brushed stainless steel- A guarantee of perfect cleaning and extreme resistance.

✅The height of the end cap is adjustable from 45 to 75 cm.

✅Exhaustion pipe diameter is 150 mm

✅Energy Rating:  A

✅Frontal Control Knobs

✅Remote Control

✅Dolce Vita Hood, Tangential Motor: 800 m3 /hour suction.

✅Extraction Speeds: 3

✅Voltage 220-240 V

✅Lighting: 3-halogen spots (20-Watts each)

✅-carbon filters

✅Metal filters:  removable + washable (Anti-fat metal filters are also dishwasher safe /friendly filters)

✅Warranty: 2-Years


🔷 Product Dimensions: 120cm(L) x 50cm(W) x 90-129cm(H).

🔷 Product Weight: 25kg

🔷 Shipping Dimensions: 125cm(L) x 52cm(W) x 64cm(H).

🔷 Shipping Weight:30kg.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 1250 × 520 × 950 mm

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