For many people, a Freestanding fireplace is the cosiest way to keep warm. There is something magical about the atmosphere that a fire creates and will turn your house into a home. These units are effective & economical fuel users and produce heat by way of convection and radiation. The Economaster range is a cheaper entry level range ideal for contractors & cluster developments. The freestanding unit is ideal for application against a straight wall. Unit Includes:

3,6m pipe, collar, escutcheon plate, fire grate, grid, ash drawer, rotating cowl base and top.

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-Heating Area:120m³.

-Open/Closed: Open.

-Colour: Black.

-Vented: Yes.

-Fuel: Wood/Anthracite.

-Dimensions (WxHxD):740 x 755 x 475mm.

-Weight: 105 kg.


1.2 m flue (180 x 180mm).

2.4 m flue (180 x 180mm).

Joining Collars for pipes & bends 180×180.

45˚bend 180 x 180.

Rot Cowl base s/o 180 x 180.

Rot Cowl top small.

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Additional information

Weight 105 kg
Dimensions N/A

800 ECONOMASTER FREESTANDING FIREPLACE, 1.2 m flue (180 x 180mm), 2.4 m flue (180 x 180mm), Joining Collars for pipes & bends 180 x180, 45˚bend 180 x 180, Rot Cowl base s/o 180 x 180, Rot Cowl top small.

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