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Maximum comfort with maximum energy saving. If you’re looking for a simple, reliable and efficient solution, you’ve come to the right place. The elegant design of the unit enables it to be seamlessly integrated into any kitchen with consummate ease. Besides the elegant cover, an ignition switch, a luminous indicator to show that the flame is present in the water heater as well as a red indicator light to signal a low battery are present. As our customers comfort and safety have always been our highest priority, safety measures included are Flame control and security by ionization Temperature control limiter. All it takes to fire up a Therm water heater, is the opening of a tap. Ignition is achieved with the help of a battery or the Bosch Hydro Power ignition system making use of the most clean and economical energy source possible the force of the water is responsible for the ignition of the burner.

BATH/ SHOWER + BASIN OR SINK -2-year warranty, providing the geyser is installed by a qualified & registered gas installer.

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14 Litres per minute

Battery Operated

LPG (butane/propane): 28 (2.8) mbar (kPa)

Temperature control at maximum setting: – Ambient +50°C – Flow Rate 2.0 – 7.0 l/min

Temperature control at minimum setting: – Ambient +25°C – Flow Rate 4.0 – 14.0 l/min

Manufactured in Portugal, under direct supervision of the parent company in Germany.

Geysers will ignite in low water pressure conditions (i.e.,1 bar).

Flue pipes are required for Bosch geysers installed outdoors – without this the geyser will overheat & keep switching itself off.


Product Assembled Dimensions : (D)430mm x (W)220mm x (H)660mm

Product weight 11 kg

Package Dimensions: 400 (D) x 270 (W) x 770 (H) mm.

Package Weight:16,65Kg


1 x Gas Water Heater

Instruction manual

2 x knobs (gas and Water.)

Warning and installation procedures.

Flue and cap are optional.

Batteries x 2 (2xD 1.5V)

Additional information

Weight 16,65 kg
Dimensions 249 × 270 × 770 mm

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