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Activate your god mode with our innovative COOL-IN Fabric Technology and ergonomic workstation design. Get ready to one-hit KO the competition from the comfort of your ice-cold Caliber X1C!

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COOL-IN Fabric Technology provides efficient cooling by extracting hot air from the body, passing it through the COOL-IN fabric which then helps to mitigate hot temperatures by exhaling cool and dry air back onto the seat surface. This helps reduce body heat, allowing for sweat evaporation and heat convection, resulting in a cooler, dryer feel.


Caliber X1C has gone through rigorous durability tests, able to withstand everyday use with ease. The durability tests involved utilizing harsh materials that roll and put pressure down onto the chair. Our chairs are able to withstand up to 30,000 consecutive durability test runs without any fabric ripping, and up to 8,000 times without any fabric pilling. The fabric is extremely scratch resistant even against sharp objects such as knives*, see the durability in action below!


Color: Gray, Black

Extra Padded Backrest: Built-in pillow (hidden stripes)

Surface Material: Eco-friendly fabric (Non-toxic polyester) on front

Inner Material: Cold moulded foam

Frame Material: Steel

Base (leg): aluminum

Armrest: 4D (lift, sway, swivel, forward)

Headrest: Ergonomic Pillow

Warranty: 2 years

Product Gaming Chair

Chair Type: Caliber X1 Series, Cooling Series

Warranty: 2 years


Max. Weight Rating: 150 kg

Total Height Range: 130-138 cm.

Floor to Seat Top: 50-58 cm.

Height Adjustability: 8 cm.

Recline  90-180 degree

Caster: 75 mm

Gas Lift  Class 4

Backrest Height 86 cm.

Backrest Width  58 cm.

Armrest to Armrest: 72 cm

Armrest Adjustability: 30-37 cm

Armrest Width Adjustability: 1.5 cm

Seat Width (including sides): 54 cm.

Seat Depth: 21.3″

Diameter of Base: 70 cm.

Metal Plate Thickness     1.5 mm

Product Dimensions: 83,82cm(D) x 54,10cm(W) x 137,92cm(H)

Net Weight: 24.7 kg.

Shipping Dimensions: 86cm × 70cm × 25cm

Shipping Weight: 31 kg.

Additional information

Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 860 × 700 × 250 mm

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