Get ready for a summer of thrilling backyard fun with the Triple Water Slide. Line up and get ready to splash in a three‑lane race to the finish! Enjoy a high‑speed backyard adventure, as you blast down the slide with our specially designed Ultra-Slick™ PVC. The innovative material is formulated to create a slide surface that is so slippery it feels friction‑free. We have combined this with our Splash-Boost™ Sprinkler, a system built to provide targeted water coverage to optimize sliding, spraying and splashing. Our H2OGO! slides all have a bonus drench pool at the finish line. Kids will love the hours of fun that the H2OGO! Slides provide, and parents will enjoy the simple setup ‑ just connect a garden hose and start sliding! Our technology has revived the backyard slide, making every slide, faster, wetter and fun all summer Lon Size: 488cm long.

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  • Perfect for kids, ages 3+
  • Ultra-Slick PVC for more slip, less grip for a faster ride
  • Triple-lane slide ends with a splashy drench pool finish
  • Built-in Splash Boost Sprinklers are specially designed for more efficient coverage and provide a cascade effect, keeping lanes slick
  • 3 wide lanes for ultimate racing action
  • Simply connect a garden hose and start sliding


  • Product Dimensions: 4880mm x 2070mm
  • Product Weight: 2.28Kg
  • Package Size: 300mm x 300mm x 60mm
  • Package Weight 39kg

Additional information

Weight 2,39 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 60 mm

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