The year is 50 BC. The Romans, led by Julius Caesar, have occupied the whole of Gaul – well, almost. One small village of PLAYMOBIL Gaul’s still holds out against the invaders. Little warrior Asterix and his big, strong friend Obelix, who fell into a magic potion as a child, are determined to make life difficult for the Roman soldiers.

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Cacofonix is the village bard. Opinion is divided as to his musical gifts. He thinks he’s a genius. Everyone else thinks he’s unspeakable. Cacofonix takes every opportunity to perform his latest compositions for the villagers. Instead of applause, however, he all too often receives a beating for his singing skills or is gagged and tied to the nearest tree. So, he’d better stay in his tree house. While Cacofonix thinks of new melodies upstairs, Mrs. Geriatrix looks after the chicken’s downstairs. So long as he doesn’t speak, let alone sing, everybody likes him. The PLAYMOBIL set includes bard Cacofonix and Mrs. Geriatrix, Cacofonix tree house with furnishings and removable roof, a bagpipe, a violin, a harp and many other extras for exciting Gaulish adventures. With the included rope, a figure can be tied to a branch.


FIGURES: Cacofonix, Mrs. Geriatrix; Animals: 1x cock, 1x hen, 6x chicks.

ACCESSORIES: 1x tree house, 1x bed, 1x pillow, 1x harp, 1x guitar, 1x violin, 1x bongo, 1x bagpipe, 1x chopping block, 1x table, 1x bench, 1x loaf of bread, 1x candle, 1x plate, 1x ribbon, 1x bag, 1x vase, 3x bouquets, 3x plants, 1x cape, 2x cuffs


Product Dimensions: ‎38.5cm x 12.5 cm x 28.4cm

Product Weight: 1.2Kg

Shipping Dimensions: 42cm(L) x 15cm(W) X 30cm(H)

Shipping Weight:3,78Kg

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Weight 3,78 kg
Dimensions 42 × 15 × 30 mm

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